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O'Dell Equipment Rental, LLC.

Nobles carpet cleaner, chemical extractor, (not a vacuum do that first) shampoo sold as well.  I have a better machine and it is less expensive than the big box or the grocery store machines.

Carpet knee kicker, used to stretch your own carpet back tight.  Easy to do it yourself and a lot less expensive.

Carpet seaming iron, used to "seam" two carpet pieces into one with carpet tape.  Sorry I do not stock the tape it can be purchased at any hardware.

Ceramic wet tile saw.  Now this is special, if you have ever cut tile you know the pump clogs often, this one has no pump, it is basically a table saw and can cut any size tile you want.

Orbital floor sander, with a 12x18 inch foot print, no edger is needed it will go all the way into the corners.  And, you don't have to worry about messing up the floor like you do with a drum sander.  ( that is the reason I don't stock a drum sander by the way).  I stock from 20 grit to 120 grit paper.

Bosch 4 & 1/2 inch angle grinder, used to grind/cut metal and concrete.

Trsumi 2" gas powered trash pump, 180 gallons a minute max, 16' suction hose, and 50' discharge hose. (not for your septic tank, don't ask that is just plain nasty)

Trsumi 2" electric submersible pump, 50' discharge hose 90 gallons per minute max flow.  Will not pass any solids.

50 ft. General mini-rooter, cleans out 1" to 3" pipes up to 50 feet.  (Clean it I don't want to see or smell your poo)

100 ft. General drain cleaner, 1 & 1/2" to 4" pipes up to 100' long.  ( again clean it up before you bring it back)

Appliance hand trucks and moving blankets 700lb. capcity.

Bolt cutters.  (don't be robbing anyone with them)

T-post puller, fence stretcher, post driver, etc.

Folding chairs,  6, and 8 foot tables.

& more!!!!!!!!

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