My name is Jonathan O'Dell, my wife Holly O'Dell & I opened O'Dell Equipment Rental in Sept. 2005.  We moved to our current  location in April 2007, 165 Red Eagle Drive, Wetumpka, Al.  You can reach me at 514-8951 or 612-8408.  Please scroll down for more info.

O'Dell Equipment Rental, LLC. Information

O'Dell Equipment Rental is for sale.  I have had my third spinal surgery, and I can't keep doing this indefinitely.  That said I will be open till the business sells.  I am not piecing it out, I will only sell individual pieces as normal fleet replacement needs arise.  Look on the stores Facebook page for a link to the information regarding the sale of the business. 

I am open Mon.-Fri. 7 am till 5 pm (I close at 12 on Weds. to go to church) & 7 am till noon on Saturday.  If I am going to be closed any other time or on a Holiday I will let it be known on the stores Facebook page. Winter hours are 8-4 M-F and 8-12 Wed. and Sat. 

Also please like the page and follow it since I do run specials from time to time, and post info on special retail buys.  If you wish to ask me a question on Facebook instead of calling that is fine, just please call to reserve items.

Sorry I do not have prices listed, with the state of the economy I do have to adjust rates time to time, and with the amount of inventory I have that makes it difficult to post them online and be up to date, that said call me and I will let you know the current rates on what you need.  All of my rates include tax already in the price and on the larger machines includes a trailer as well. 

The minimum on most items is 5hrs (1/2 day) most rental stores give you 4hrs off premises for a 1/2 day, I give you 5hrs.  That gives you some travel time in order to get 4hrs work done.  However please be back within the 5hrs not past it, other wise you will owe more money.  Some items have a 2hr rate this is 2 hrs off premises not 2hrs of use, same as the 5hr rate that is 5hrs off premises not 5hrs of use.

Daily rates are figured at 8hrs on the hour meter, (mounted to the machine) and 24 hrs of possession.  Example: Pick it up at 7am on Monday be back at 7am on Tuesday, with no more than 8hrs on the meter.  If it goes over on the meter or you are late returning the item you will be charged extra as follows:  1/7th of the daily rate for each hour over on the meter or that you are late, till either the 5hr or full day rate is reached.   If you need the machine longer call me as soon as you know to make arrangements, if no one else has it reserved that should be fine, I just need to know as soon as possible. 

If you have a problem with a machine call me as soon as the problem arises, don't come back the next day expecting me to give you a refund if you have not notified me of a problem.  Most things that come up I can talk you through on the phone in a minute or so.  In the rare event that something happens that requires me to come out on a service call I will get you running again as soon as possible and work with you on time and cost.   That said, if I have to come out due to operator error or abuse I charge $75/hr plus mileage and damages.  Don't forget you are responsible for the item while it is in your possession.   Now with that said, things do break and if is something that you didn't cause don't worry, (example: fan belt, fouled plug, etc.)  You are responsible for all damages you may do and tires.  Tires are like balloons don't drive places you wouldn't drive your own things.

I offer delivery services and these rates are subject to change, as of 1-1-18 I charge $75 delivery and $75 pick up, up to 15 miles from the store.  Over 15 miles I charge $2.90 a loaded mile delivery and pick up.   (If I drive 15 miles to your house I have to drive back, then there and then back again that is 60 miles and good chunk of time)   You think that is high?  Call a store and Montgomery and ask for delivery rates.   I do not deliver to Montgomery or Prattville city limits.

 All items can be towed with a 1/2 ton on a full size chassis with a frame mounted hitch.  The splitter, trenchers, and stump grinder can be towed by smaller vehicles based on the vehicels tow rating.   Again trailer is included on larger items at no extra fee.

I do not rent fuel, that is impossible.  Unless otherwise notated all machines leave full and need to be returned full.  I charge $10/gallon on items I have to refuel here.  This is not prorated 1" down in a pressure washer is $10.  Stop at the gas station before coming back.

I stock paper and blades for the sander and saws, and shampoo for the carpet cleaner.   I also can get you special order parts for your tools and machines usually the next day or 2.  I can also special order you most any professinal grade tool you want to purchase.  What I buy is not throw away stuff like the big boxes, so if you decide you wish to own a particular tool call me to give you a quote.  I also sell off my rental inventory from time to time to replace items.  If you see something you want let me know and we'll talk price on it. 

In the State of Alabama you must be 19 to rent something.  You must have a valid drivers license, I will not rent to you with a non-driver ID.  I accept local checks, Visa , Discover, and Mastercard.  You must also demonstrate to me that you can safely and responsibly transport and operate the tool or machine.  I reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone for any reason.  You must read, understand, and sign a rental contract.  I will give you operating instructions and you can spend as much time as you want asking questions and practicing here at the store.

Call me at 514-8951 or 612-8408 to schedule your rentals or for any questions you may have. 

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