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O'Dell Equipment Rental, LLC. Construction Equipment

Takeuchi TB216 mini-excavator, 7 ft. digging depth, 18" bucket, rubber tracks, push blade.  Comes with trailer, you need a 1/2 ton or larger vehicle with a frame mounted hitch to tow it. 

Toro Dingo 525 with  Kubota diesel engine, 3 ft loader bucket.  This machine also has a 2 ft deep 4" wide trencher, a auger head with 6", 9", or 18" bits and comes with a trailer.  This machine can be towed by most any vehicle. 

Scaffolding, walkboards, wheels, safety rails, leveling legs, etc.  rented daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Van-Mark siding brake.  10' 6 inches long used to make siding trim

Vibratory plate compactor, used to pack footings, slabs, patios, drives and more. 

Stone 36" concrete trowel machine.  Used to finish new concrete to a smooth texture.

Allmand 425 Backhoe/Loader, can be towed with a 1/2 ton full size vehicle.  8'8" digging depth, 16" bucket, 1/3 yard front loader, 25 hp Kubota diesel.  Hydrostatic drive, if you can mow your lawn you can use this machine. 

Massey Ferguson 1529 tractor/loader/boxblade 1/4 yard front loader, 5 ft. boxblade, this tractor does not have an operable pto and can not be used to bush hog.  Comes with trailer, you need a 1/2 ton or larger tow vehicle with a frame mounted hitch.

Vermeer RTX-130 walk behind trencher, 2 ft trenching depth, 4 inches wide, can be stopped at any depth up to 2 ft.  comes with trailer, and can be towed by most any vehicle.

Bosch brute jackhammer, operates off of a regular 120 volt plug, or a 3,000 watt generator, do not use with a cord longer than 50 feet or smaller than 12 gauge.  Bust up to 8 inches.

Bosch rotary and chipping hammers, chip holes up to 10" deep, or drill up to a foot with a 3/4" diameter.

2500/3000 surge watts job site generator runs up to two normal power tools or a fridge and some lights if need be.

Builders level, used to find elevations and slopes for french drains, ditches, ponds, slabs, etc.

Concrete bull float and handles used to move and smooth wet concrete.

Wheel barrow style cement/mortar mixer, can mix up to 80lb. bags and water at a time, electric powered.

50,000 btu jobsite heater, stay warm on the job, do not use in an enclosed space.

Magnetic sweeper, used to pick up nails, screws, and other metal objects so your feet and tires don't.

14" demolition saws, both gas and electric, used to cut stone, metal, concrete, asphalt with the proper blades.  You buy the blades I stock both abrasive and diamond blades.

12 foot drywall / panal lift, used to hang sheet rock and plywood up to 12' lengths. 

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