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O'Dell Equipment Rental, LLC. Lawn & Garden

Toro STX-26 Stump grinder, self propelled tracked machine, 27 h.p., will grind any stump you have.  You may think you want a smaller one, but you don't, you may think you need a larger one, but you don't.  Comes with trailer and most any automobile can tow it.

Little Beaver auger, 6", 8", or 12" bits.  Same torque and hp as a 2 man auger but requires only one person to operate it.  Most all of the vibration is carried down the tube to the ground and not sent through you. 

Kisscutter sod cutter, 12" wide and either inch and half or 2 inches deep.  Used to remove sod that you want to move to another location. 

Shindaiwa multi-tool, I have a pole saw attachment for overhead limbs, a lawn edger, and string trimmer attachment.  You purchase the edger blades and trimmer line. 

One man auger with a 6 inch bit.  Handheld for soft ground.

General 2 man auger.  6", 8", or 12" bits.  For post holes and planting holes.

Toro DINGO 525 mini-skid steer with Kubota diesel engine, you stand on the back and drive it where needed, has a 3 ft loader bucket, auger head with 6", 9", or 18" bits and down pressure, or a 2 ft. deep trencher.  Comes with trailer can be towed with almost any vehicle.

250 lb. lawn roller fill with water and level and smooth new sod.

Horizontal / verticle 25 ton log splitter, don't wait till it's cold split in the summer for dry fire wood in the winter.  Need a a 2 inch ball to tow it.

BCS rear tine tiller, not your grand daddies tiller, made in Italy all gear drive and no belts.  It is a beast.  18" tilling path.

DR Field and Brush mower, cut up to 2 inch pines 3/4 inch hardwoods and most and grass and weeds you need to tame. 

T-post puller, my 12 year old can pull post with it.  Farm Jack for lifting odds and ends as well, barb wire stretcher, etc.

Pressure washers from 2600 to 4000 psi (pounds per square inch).  Sorry I do not have chemical injectors on any of the pressure washers.

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